Friday, February 5, 2010

Nap Mat for Toddlers

I wanted Sophie to have a boutique style nap pad to sleep on while attending Mommy's Day Out. I wanted it to be durable and washable, yet soft and comfortable. I purchased a standard fold up Kindermat for about $5 at Walmart. I decided to make a slipcover for the mat which could easily be removed for washing. I used home decor upholstery weight fabric for the side of the cover touching the floor. I used soft brushed cotton fabric for the side Sophie would lay on. I made a matching thin blanket out of the same soft cotton fabric. The slipcover has Velcro closure at the foot end to slip the Kindermat in and out. The mat folds up on itself so the durable floor side doesn't "contaminate" the soft side because the two sides never touch.

Grosgrain ribbon pulled through plastic closure rings holds the nap pad in a closed position. A laminated name tag was attached to the rings. The name tag is removed before washing the nap pad cover.

Sophie takes great naps on this and finds it comfortable. She has a unique and personalized nap pad which she easily identifies amongst her classmates' mats.

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  1. Beautiful, I wish you had posted exact measurements, I'd love to make my grandbaby one like it!