Friday, February 5, 2010

Kindness of Others

It is humbling to need help. It is very humbling to need lots of help, especially being an independent type of person. This past year I had three major surgeries, each requiring 4 to 6 weeks of "no lifting" recovery. It didn't matter that I had three children under the age of two (twin newborns and a twenty month old). No lifting. period.

We were a family of five living off my husband's income. He had to be able to go to work. We needed lots of help while I recovered. I can't recall ever feeling so helpless and needy. Out of sheer necessity I contacted friends and family.

I learned that when given an opportunity, and when help is really needed, people rarely let you down. I have some amazing women in my life and am glad they are my friends.

When asked for help by someone who genuinely needs me, I hope I am always able to say, "Yes". Helping is inconvenient. Helping requires selflessness and time. Helping is a gift that answers someone's prayer. I am forever grateful for the women who said, "Yes", in my times of need. Although I'd rather give than receive help, I learned valuable life lessons through this experience. I appreciate the kindness of others.

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