Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Costume Clothes Rack

My three year old daughter, Sophie, loves to dress up in little costumes. She changes clothes at least five times a day. She has an assortment of fairy wings, tutus, twirl skirts, a Chinese Kimono style outfit, several gymnastic leotards, and a few princess dresses. Of course she also has the bunny ears, rock star headphones and gloves, jewels, shoes, and tiara accessories as well.

Originally, I kept all of these costumes in her closet. I got tired of having to pick up all her regular clothes which became disheveled while she played with her dress-up clothes. I built her a kid-sized clothes rack for her costumes and moved it into the corner of the playroom.

This project cost about five dollars and only took about 12 minutes to make. All of the clothes rack parts are made from 3/4" PVC pipe and joints found at my local Lowe's store.

The rack requires two T-shaped joints and six elbow joints. I had two long sections of PVC pipe I cut up for the legs, supports, and clothing bar.

At first I tried to cut my long PVC pipe down into smaller sections using a saw and miter box. That proved a bit challenging.

Fortunately my husband handed me this nifty little red-handled wire thingy that cut through the pipe like a hot knife through butter - eeeeeeasy.

After I cut my pipe lengths, I just stuck everything together. I didn't glue it because I want to be able to disassemble it.

Sophie loves having easy access to all her costumes. She spends at least an hour a day dancing like a princess in her playroom with her sisters, me, or her daddy.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Public Speaking and Such

I do not like public speaking. But yesterday, I led an hour-long teacher training workshop and survived.

When my former elementary principal at the Christian school where I taught for five years asked me to lead a workshop for their teachers on Biblical Integration, I accepted. Blah! For three and a half months I obsessed over this workshop. Perhaps it's because I haven't spoken in front of a group of kids, let alone adults for three years now. Perhaps it was because the workshop was to be an hour long and I was leading it all by myself. I was very intimidated to say the least.

I did it though - through nerves and all. It was great to see many of my former coworkers and meet new teachers as well. I am passionate about integrating God's Word into all academic subject.

Time will tell, but I hope my workshop inspired and informed the teachers enough to see tangible results in their classrooms.

The principal already hinted at having me back in the fall for another session. This first session was nerve-wracking enough to last me a lifetime. Sometimes, when we're really passionate about something, we'll be willing to overcome all kinds of obstacles to see it through.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fenced In

Now that all three of our Little Chicks are walking, we decided to finally put up a fence. It's an expense we didn't want, but our children's safety is of utmost importance.

We wanted wrought iron, but cedar pickets are in our budget. We were so used to our lovely open view out our breakfast nook windows, that we opted NOT to put up the traditional privacy fence. Instead, we chose a picket fence with scalloped curves at the top. Judd (Mr. Chick) has been busy working on this project, and loving every manly minute of it. Most days he'd rather be outside doing some sort of physical labor than inside at a desk job. I secretly think he's trying to stretch this project out as an excuse to cut out of work early - ha!

Sophie has been just as excited about this fence as her daddy. She's been quite his little helper too.

We had all of the electricity, phones, TV, water, etc. located prior to starting this project. In spite of our best efforts and due diligence, Judd still managed to cut our neighbor's cable TV line. Ugh.

It took four days for Cox Communications to fix it. We felt sorry for our neighbors and lent them all our DVDs and invited them over to watch TV if they wanted. Our neighbor told us it was a blessing in disguise, because now that the line is fixed, their TV reception is clearer than ever before.

Judd also managed to cut the neighborhood entrance's lawn sprinkler pipe which, for some reason, goes through our yard.

Since it was simple PVC pipe it was easy for Judd to fix it himself. No harm - no foul - and no call to tell our home owner's association police.

I don't know if you can tell in this picture, but Judd even worked in the rain. This guy is on a mission. A manly man mission.

I'll post after pictures...soon - I hope! (fingers crossed).

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sophia Coco Turns Three

Happy Third Birthday, Sophie! My how you've changed!

Sophie - Thirteen Days Old

Sophie's First Birthday

Sophie's Second Birthday

Sophie's Third Birthday began with Daddy taking her to the donut store for a breakfast date - no sisters (or Mommy)!

Next, Sophie opened some presents

Then, she met her buddy, Will, at the Bouncy Barn to jump on inflatables.

Sophie cried a little when we left the Bouncy Barn because she wanted to play together with Will all day. She got over it as I drove to Hideaway Pizza though. This was a lunch date just for Sophie and Mommy - no sisters (or Daddy)!

After lunch, Sophie played at the park.

Sophie wore the princess accessories Will's family gave her for her birthday gift. She twirled around and danced for an hour and kept the jewels/tiara on the rest of the day.

Following a nap and dinner, Sophie opened more presents.

And finally, we ate birthday cake. She requested pink cake and icing. I made her a strawberry cake and marshmallow creme-based icing tinted pink. Sophie's Daddy always requested strawberry cake when he was a little boy.

Sophie ended a wonderful day of celebrations by falling asleep in her new pj's.

Happy Birthday Sophie! I love you so very much. Even though you are the oldest, and just turned three years old today, you will always be my baby!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Organized Pantry

My friend, Kate, requested a photo tour of my pantry because she thinks it's organized and neat. I didn't think it was anything special, but here you go, Kate!

In my pantry everything has its designated spot. I pulled out some of the containers I use so you can see them. I purchased them at Target. I put baking goods and tea packets in the glass canisters. I group my rice packets together in a plastic basket. Another basket has snacks, another pastas, and another groups things like breakfast bars and granola. I store animal crackers, long grain rice, goldfish crackers, etc. in the large pourable plastic containers.

My pantry resides in the corner of my kitchen, so it has a deep corner. I fill the corner with square items, like boxed chicken broths, aluminum foil, or a square storage basket.

I keep my frequently used, appliances on the lowest shelf. I keep things we rarely use up on the highest shelf (although you can't see the top shelf in this picture, we have a beef jerky maker/food dehydrator stored up there that my husband just had to have. We've used it once...in three years - ha).

We store paper plates, plastic ware party supplies etc. in the three drawer plastic chest. It's a great way to use up all of that wasted space beneath the lowest shelf. I hang my aprons on a cup hook I screwed into the wall. We keep our shredder in our pantry next to the trash so we can easily shred junk mail with our info on it (like credit card offers) and throw the harmless junk mail in the trash.

I collect my plastic Target and Walmart trash sacks in the animal print bag. We use these sacks up all the time as small trash bags for the twins' diapers, trash can liners, trash sack for the car, etc. The broom and dustpan are conveniently stored and ready to be used (after every meal and most snacks). Three little kids sure can make a mess on the floor.

That completes the tour of my pantry. What do you do to organize your pantry or cupboards?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

This morning we thoroughly enjoyed our church's Easter message. It was so nice to hear my almost three year old singing Bible songs and telling me Jesus loved her when I picked her up from her class.

My family gathered at my brother's home for Easter lunch. Sophie participated in her first Easter egg hunt. She thinks chocolate is the best treat in the world. It was a delight watching her have so much fun playing with her cousins.

I am thankful for this beautiful day spent with family. I'm thankful for health. Most of all, I'm thankful for a God who loves us, and a Savior who was obedient unto death - for us. I won't take His sacrifice in vain. Here's to abundant life in Jesus!