Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fenced In

Now that all three of our Little Chicks are walking, we decided to finally put up a fence. It's an expense we didn't want, but our children's safety is of utmost importance.

We wanted wrought iron, but cedar pickets are in our budget. We were so used to our lovely open view out our breakfast nook windows, that we opted NOT to put up the traditional privacy fence. Instead, we chose a picket fence with scalloped curves at the top. Judd (Mr. Chick) has been busy working on this project, and loving every manly minute of it. Most days he'd rather be outside doing some sort of physical labor than inside at a desk job. I secretly think he's trying to stretch this project out as an excuse to cut out of work early - ha!

Sophie has been just as excited about this fence as her daddy. She's been quite his little helper too.

We had all of the electricity, phones, TV, water, etc. located prior to starting this project. In spite of our best efforts and due diligence, Judd still managed to cut our neighbor's cable TV line. Ugh.

It took four days for Cox Communications to fix it. We felt sorry for our neighbors and lent them all our DVDs and invited them over to watch TV if they wanted. Our neighbor told us it was a blessing in disguise, because now that the line is fixed, their TV reception is clearer than ever before.

Judd also managed to cut the neighborhood entrance's lawn sprinkler pipe which, for some reason, goes through our yard.

Since it was simple PVC pipe it was easy for Judd to fix it himself. No harm - no foul - and no call to tell our home owner's association police.

I don't know if you can tell in this picture, but Judd even worked in the rain. This guy is on a mission. A manly man mission.

I'll post after pictures...soon - I hope! (fingers crossed).

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