Thursday, April 8, 2010

Organized Pantry

My friend, Kate, requested a photo tour of my pantry because she thinks it's organized and neat. I didn't think it was anything special, but here you go, Kate!

In my pantry everything has its designated spot. I pulled out some of the containers I use so you can see them. I purchased them at Target. I put baking goods and tea packets in the glass canisters. I group my rice packets together in a plastic basket. Another basket has snacks, another pastas, and another groups things like breakfast bars and granola. I store animal crackers, long grain rice, goldfish crackers, etc. in the large pourable plastic containers.

My pantry resides in the corner of my kitchen, so it has a deep corner. I fill the corner with square items, like boxed chicken broths, aluminum foil, or a square storage basket.

I keep my frequently used, appliances on the lowest shelf. I keep things we rarely use up on the highest shelf (although you can't see the top shelf in this picture, we have a beef jerky maker/food dehydrator stored up there that my husband just had to have. We've used it three years - ha).

We store paper plates, plastic ware party supplies etc. in the three drawer plastic chest. It's a great way to use up all of that wasted space beneath the lowest shelf. I hang my aprons on a cup hook I screwed into the wall. We keep our shredder in our pantry next to the trash so we can easily shred junk mail with our info on it (like credit card offers) and throw the harmless junk mail in the trash.

I collect my plastic Target and Walmart trash sacks in the animal print bag. We use these sacks up all the time as small trash bags for the twins' diapers, trash can liners, trash sack for the car, etc. The broom and dustpan are conveniently stored and ready to be used (after every meal and most snacks). Three little kids sure can make a mess on the floor.

That completes the tour of my pantry. What do you do to organize your pantry or cupboards?

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