Monday, April 12, 2010

Sophia Coco Turns Three

Happy Third Birthday, Sophie! My how you've changed!

Sophie - Thirteen Days Old

Sophie's First Birthday

Sophie's Second Birthday

Sophie's Third Birthday began with Daddy taking her to the donut store for a breakfast date - no sisters (or Mommy)!

Next, Sophie opened some presents

Then, she met her buddy, Will, at the Bouncy Barn to jump on inflatables.

Sophie cried a little when we left the Bouncy Barn because she wanted to play together with Will all day. She got over it as I drove to Hideaway Pizza though. This was a lunch date just for Sophie and Mommy - no sisters (or Daddy)!

After lunch, Sophie played at the park.

Sophie wore the princess accessories Will's family gave her for her birthday gift. She twirled around and danced for an hour and kept the jewels/tiara on the rest of the day.

Following a nap and dinner, Sophie opened more presents.

And finally, we ate birthday cake. She requested pink cake and icing. I made her a strawberry cake and marshmallow creme-based icing tinted pink. Sophie's Daddy always requested strawberry cake when he was a little boy.

Sophie ended a wonderful day of celebrations by falling asleep in her new pj's.

Happy Birthday Sophie! I love you so very much. Even though you are the oldest, and just turned three years old today, you will always be my baby!


  1. so precious! i see she enjoyed the jewels will gave her! just think about day will may give her REAL jewels:) happy birthday sweet one!

  2. What a great day!! Happy BD Sophie!!