Sunday, December 19, 2010

Master Bedroom Makeover

I only have few "before" pictures of my master bedroom because it was, well, rather unlovely. Drab. Dark. Blah. When we built our home seven years ago, having a door from the master bedroom to the back patio was a popular feature. Upon moving in I realized the door created a decorating dilemma and was completely unnecessary.

A few before pics:


I've longed for this Anthropologie bedding for four years but refused to pay that much money for it.

Their price - $500 (plus shipping because some of these items are online only)  

I found similar bedding on clearance at Macy's. The duvet cover, 2 king shams, and 2 Euro shams were $118 (including shipping). I sewed my own bed skirt using copper-brown faux silk fabric - $40, and added more of that same fabric as a drape above the bed - $10.

My price - $180   

I found a $400 goose-down duvet (the insert that goes in the duvet cover) at Macy's on sale for $120. I exchanged some of my credit card points for a $100 Macy's gift card and bought it for just over $30 (with tax). I've never slept so good. It is pure comfort - like being hugged by a fluffy cloud.

I completely covered the door leading to the patio with a curtain panel matching the ones covering my two windows. I covered my small folding table desk with layers of muslin and burlap, then angled it in the corner. I took the large mirror off my dresser and leaned it vertically against the wall. I love it!

 Attention to details - the burlap layer on my desk is gathered using one of my grandmother's brooches.

I found Chris Madden lined faux silk drapes in Aspen Gold at JC Penny's for $59 a panel. I bought them, new, off ebay for $17 a panel. I told you here, how I created my own "wrought iron" curtain rods.

 You can learn how I made my own burlap-covered framed corkboard here.

Now I feel I'm in a designer magazine bedroom and pinch myself when I see how beautifully it turned out.


  1. Wow. Wow. (pause) (breathless) Wow.

  2. You did a wonderful job! The new bedding is gorgeous!

  3. love your transformation-i too had golds and maroons, and switched it out for cooler soothing tones. no paint on the walls yet, but it's progress! your necklace display is fab!