Monday, December 13, 2010

DIY Jeweled Push Pins

I'm in the process of making over our master bedroom. I'm creating a feminine desk area where I can work on my computer. Since my "office" will be in our bedroom, it has to look beautiful and not - well, like an office. With Judd's help I'm creating my own burlap-covered and framed cork board to go above my desk. I'll post a tutorial on that soon. I wanted some beautiful push pins for my new board and decided this was the perfect DIY opportunity to use some old earrings I inherited from my mother and grandmother that I never wore. Now, I get to see these jeweled push pins every day. They make me smile.

After searching the office stores and Hobby Lobby, I finally found silver aluminum push pins at Lowe's. They look significantly better than pushed pins that are clear or brightly colored and add to the overall antique look.

I cut the earring post off using wire cutters. Then simply dabbed a drop of E6000 adhesive to the top of the push pin and set the earring onto the glue. That's it.

I dressed up my cork board using heirloom jewelry I never wore, but now enjoy seeing every day. This makes a great gift too. Just head to your nearest thrift store and stock up on old jewelry.


  1. I forgot to say also that E-6000 glue is the best thing ever.

    did I say i love your girly push pins?


  2. Those are great! Very creative. I have some of my grandma's earrings like that. Hmm...

    I would love to have you link this to my Fix It Up Friday link party.