Monday, December 6, 2010

Hatch Happenings

This week has been busy with lots of shopping and wrapping Christmas gifts, baking, and visiting with friends and family. My friend, Christi, had a wedding shower and I took Sophie with me. Sophie had a great time playing with two other little girls at the party while I enjoyed chatting with friends. Sophie looked precious in this blue plaid outfit trimmed in velvet with matching hat.

Piper and Riley have been great little shoppers as we've spent two or three hours shopping, browsing, and running errands each morning. All three of my girls really are so well behaved. We have meltdowns here and there, but most of the time they enjoy being out and about. Today we took fresh-baked pumpkin bread over to our neighbor.

Check out Piper's Ugg-style boots. cute! Each season as I retrieve the next tubby of clothes from the attic, I'm reminded how thankful I am to our neighbor's daughter who passes on all these adorable clothes after her little girl outgrows them.

Enjoying this holiday season,

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