Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Sagging Hamper Had a Little Work Done

I bought this canvas hamper in Target's dollar section several months ago. It matched my black and white bathroom decor and was an upgrade from the worn out mesh hamper I previously used. was frumpy, and that bugged me. I know I certainly have more important things to do than be bothered by a frumpy hamper, but every time I opened my linen closet door, there it was, staring at me, in its poor, pathetic, droopy way. It's been begging for a little nip & tuck. Nothing major. Not, like a Joan Rivers, Cat Woman, or Kenny Rogers type of overhaul. Just a little lift.

I decided to reinforce the inside of the hamper with wire. Using wire cutters, I cut a wire hanger to the height of the hamper. Using pliers, I bent both ends of the wire over to eliminate a sharp wire edge which may poke through the canvas.Then, I covered the wire with black electrical tape to make sure it wouldn't rust if it came in contact with any damp towels (which should never be thrown in the hamper while damp, but...).

Turning the hamper inside out, I hot glued a long strip of scrap fabric to the side wall of the hamper leaving the center of the fabric free from glue the entire length. This created a fabric tunnel into which I slid the wire.

I reinforced the hamper this way three times in all.

An easy five-minute project produced the results I wanted. My hamper looks uplifted, refreshed, and like it just got back from vacation --if only I did!


  1. What a great idea - Love the fabulous material! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  2. That material is amazing! The price is just as great! I love how you did something so great with something so little. I need a new laundry basket, I guess I will have to watch Target. Thanks for sharing!