Thursday, May 6, 2010

Baby Food

Having fifteen month old twins means buying a lot of baby food. The checker at Walmart asked us if we were storing up on the baby food. Nope. This is one week's worth of food for the twins.

I used to make most of Sophie's baby food when she was little. That was before I had twins.

I do make baby food for Piper and Riley every once in awhile. Last week I made them poached then pureed pairs

pureed butternut squash

Blended green beans and peas.

Yes, I know it looks a bit gross, but my girls are looking rather orange with all the beta carotene in their other foods. They resemble little oompa loompas right now. I've got to balance that out with more greens and blues.

I also made smoothed sweet potatoes, and a pumpkin pair puree which didn't go over well. They didn't care for the steamed diced beats either, but Judd and I ate those right up - Yum! I get an 'A' for effort, but buying the pre-made stuff is so much easier. Fortunately, the twins are really starting to enjoy table food more and more each day. They've been off bottles for awhile now, and soon all of the mouths in my house will consistently be fed with table food, not little jars. Hooray!

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