Friday, July 22, 2011

Posh $8 Night Stand

Several years ago I bought this table new at a local furniture store. It cost next to nothing and was made of actual wood. The past couple of years have been unkind to this little table. No longer needed inside the house, we relocated it our back patio where it was exposed to the elements. At times this table was even used as a saw horse for cutting wood for other DIY projects. Cracked, weathered, and scratched, this table seemed damaged beyond repair. I didn't think it was good enough to donate to Goodwill. But, the idea of throwing in the trash and someone else grabbing it for a DIY makeover gave me the nudge I needed to breathe life back into it myself.


First, I sanded it and wiped it down. Then, I used wood filler to even out the deep gashes. After that, I spray painted the table with white Valspar primer.

The next day I bought this gorgeous spray paint by Valspar at Lowe's. It is called Exotic Sea and has a glossy finish and vibrant color


This sophisticated table now proudly resides as a nightstand in Sophie's bedroom. Because I already had the table and the primer (leftover from a previous project), I only had to buy two cans of spray paint. Transporting the table from pathetic to posh only cost me $8.


  1. Such a great makeover for that table! :)

  2. lindo lindo lindo!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Love the vibrant colour! It is 100% improved!

  4. i just found your blog. I came across your night stand and I am doing one almost exactly like it in the same color. I am going to sand mine a little and add stain to make it a little rustic. Love your ideas!