Saturday, July 23, 2011

DIY Initial Wreath

My in-laws came down to visit us this weekend and I needed to whip up a wreath for the front door to welcome them. With no time left to run to the craft store, I made do with things I found around the house. I had my mind set on making a wreath of some sort with our initial.

An empty diaper box provided the cardboard needed for my initial base. I used a box cutter to cut out two layers of cardboard. Then, I wrapped the two layers of cardboard together with masking tape.

Next, I hot glued leftover fabric onto the initial. This fabric coordinates with the flowers I found hanging out in my craft box.

Finally, I hot glued leaves and flower clusters onto the fabric and finished it with a pink grosgrain ribbon glued to the back.  I smile when I see my initial wreath as I pull into my driveway. This was a simple and free project that only took about 10 minutes to pull together.

1 comment:

  1. Cute!!! Who would have thought a diaper box could be so cute!! thanks for posting this idea! I think I'll try it!