Thursday, June 9, 2011

Curtain Trim & Blueberries

Last week when I told you about recovering my dining room chairs, I mentioned I had enough fabric leftover to add trim to my cafe curtains. When I originally sewed these curtains, I intentionally made them short so I could easily sweep beneath them. (Feeding three little kids 3 meals a day plus a snack results in lots of crumbs.)

As you can see, I made them too short. So, I added some leftover fabric to the bottom as coordinating trim.

I think they look much better.

Now everthing ties in together nicely. The plaid on the chair does match. It's just appears to have pink hues rather than burnt orange like the curtains.

On a completely unrelated topic -- we have blueberries! This was our first year to try  growing anything edible. My family eats a lot of fruit and is particularly fond of blueberries. We purchased two blueberry plants from Lowe's and planted them several weeks ago.

Every day or two we check to see which berries have turned blue and are ready for picking. The girls enjoy pulling off the ripe berries, rinsing them off, and eating food that is as fresh as one can get.

I think blueberry pancakes are calling my name.

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