Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kid-Friendly Dining Room Chair Makeover

Years ago when Judd and I purchased our dining room table, we didn't give the white formal fabric cushions a second thought. Five days after our purchase, we hosted Christmas dinner and one of our guests accidentally dropped cranberry sauce on a cushion leaving a stain. Shortly after that, our nephew added a chocolate cake stain to a second chair. Along came our girls and I have tried everything to keep those chairs clean to no avail. I think the workers in the chair cushion factory get a big laugh as they cover dining room chairs with white fabric. Can't you hear their sinister laughs? "Bwaaahaaa a mother of three will purchase this one..."

When I saw Dana Willard's post (author of the incredible blog - Made) Orange Oilcloth Chair Covers, I was in love. Because I would have to completely overhaul my entire kitchen and dining room in order to pull off the adorable fabric she used on her chairs, I opted to stick with my current color hue to recover my chairs. I purchased two different decorator fabrics which coordinated with my fruit cafe curtains. I also bought clear vinyl to, in essence, make my own oilcloth.

This was a very easy project. I just cut out a large square of fabric and vinyl. I laid the vinyl down on my dining room table with the fabric square (right side down) on top. Next, after removing the cushion from the chair, I placed the cushion face down in the center of the fabric square. Then, Judd, with his strong man hands, helped me staple the edges of the fabric & vinyl around the bottom of the cushion.

It only took about 45 minutes to recover all 6 chairs. I purchased my fabric at Hancock's. Since the fabric was 54" wide, I only needed 2 yards of the plaid fabric, which I bought at 50% off. I also bought 2 yards of the checked fabric which was discontinued and a steal at only $4 a yard. The vinyl was also 54". I chose the 008 thickness so my girls would be less likely to rip it. It was only $2.99 a yard and I needed 3 yards.

I'm really happy with the results. Spills easily clean up and the girls enjoy not having to sit on the towels I used to cover the chairs with in an effort to prevent stains. The total was only $27 and I have enough fabric left to add some cute coordinating trim to my curtains which will tie everything together nicely. I'll post pics of that project when I complete it. (of course I'll have to actually start it before I complete it - ha!)