Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cute Clothing Find @ Target

My girls love to wear dresses. I like the look of a dress over leggings. Target had some adorable clothes we had to pick up. Piper and Riley have matching chocolate and cream striped leggings with coordinating dresses. Sophie's dress is not from Target. It is a welcomed hand-me-down from our neighbor and one of Sophie's favorite dresses.

 The sizing is a bit off. Riley and Piper are two. They wear 2T or 24 months in almost everything. They wear 18 month skirts since they tend to run big. The leggings from Target are 3T but the dresses are 2T. Riley's dress is huge on her. It is the same brand and size as Piper's dress (which fits perfectly). The sizing really doesn't make any sense, but I adore these outfits. I appreciate the embroidered floral detail on the pants which match the details on both dresses.

And my plans this summer include helping Riley and Piper quit sucking their fingers, become potty trained, and give up their "lovey" taggie blankets I made them which they tote around everywhere. Wish me luck and feel free to give me any suggestions -- especially about breaking the finger sucking or potty training multiples! Sophie was fairly easy to train. I'm just not sure how to keep up with TWO during the potty training period.

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