Saturday, April 30, 2011

Trampoline Hindsight

Several weeks ago we purchased a trampoline for our girls to play on in the backyard. I researched various sizes and brands and read a lot of reviews. We ended up buying the 15' trampoline with enclosure sold at Sam's Club. We sunk the trampoline legs down into the ground to make it level and reduce the chances the Oklahoma wind could overturn it. That may sound funny to you, but just after a small tornado passed over us two years ago and homeowners emerged to inspect the damages, we heard our neighbor yell, "If anybody is missing their patio furniture, we found it in our driveway." We lost sections of our roof and ended up having to replace the whole thing. With that in mind, we buried our trampoline poles in the ground.

Our girls love jumping on the trampoline - especially Sophie and Riley. It was a hit at Sophie's birthday party earlier in the month too.


Hindsight is 20/20...

As Spring came the rain fell, and the grass grew taller and taller beneath the trampoline. It never dawned on us that if we buried the trampoline legs, we couldn't move it to mow the lawn beneath. We have a self propelled lawnmower and Judd had to fold the handle down and crawl under the trampoline to mow the grass.

Judd is a good sport. I laughed so much watching him scamper around like this. It was hilarious seeing him try to pull the starter cord while the mower handle was folded down. What a great guy!

Would you rather chance your trampoline ending up on your neighbor's roof during the next storm, or would you rather sink the legs in the ground and have to use a lawn mower designed for a Pygmy?

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  1. I would have totally let the grass grow up underneath to the height of the trampoline! Hilarious...