Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sophia Coco Turns Four

We celebrated Sophia Coco's fourth birthday this past weekend with a garden theme. I baked two kinds of cupcakes - yellow and strawberry. The buttercream frosting was piped onto the cupcakes using my new Wilton #1M decorator tip. I placed donut holes and pink marshmallows on skewers because they reminded me of fairy wands or bouquets of flowers.

Each cupcake had a sucker (flower), green sugar glitter (grass), and green sugared candy (leaf). The swizzle stick rock candy reminded me of hollyhocks and snapdragons.

Sophie wanted her own cake instead of a cupcake. She has very specific ideas for decor, style, flavors, and presentation (I wonder where in the world she gets that - ha!). She asked for a pink, two-layered cake with white icing, pink sugar glitter, and a butterfly. I bought two 6" round cake pans at Michael's along with the non edible butterfly.

I gathered paper lanterns and handmade tissue paper flower pom-poms of various sizes and colors. I tied them onto a 5/8" dowel rod which Judd suspended from the air vents in our ceiling using fishing line and paper clips. (eat your heart out, Macgyver) Small flower garlands draped below.

I took my inspiration from this amazing paper lantern/pompom collection here.

I displayed pictures of Sophie and included little information tidbits about her which allowed people to get to know her even better. One card displayed Sophie's favorite foods, another card listed her favorite places, another her favorite colors, and the fourth shared her favorite activities.

Sophie had a wonderful time jumping with her friends on the trampoline which was her birthday present from us.

Her sweet friends looked on as she opened her gifts.

Of course we sang happy birthday as she blew out her candles.

It was a fantastic party. Sophie felt celebrated and special as she turned four years old.


  1. Beautiful party! Where'd you buy your paper lanterns? I'm looking for some for A's party.

  2. This is just precious! Everything looks so magical. You did a great job! Happy birthday to your little one!


  3. Everything looks gorgeous! I *wish* I had the talent to pull together great parties. I have to plan one for my youngest girl turning 5 this weekend, and I'm scrambling!!