Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Day Activity for Toddlers

Sophie's Mommy's Day Out Preschool is closed today due to snow, so I decided to do a simple and fun activity with her. We wanted to put out birdseed in our backyard for the birds to eat. After reviewing various shapes (which is what she's studying at preschool this week), Sophie opted to make one heart and one star-shaped bird feeder.

 I cut the shapes out of an old Cheerios box. Sophie spread peanut butter on the shape and sprinkled on the birdseed. I punched a hole in each shape and tied them up outside with yarn.

I got all three little chicks bundled up to go outside and play in the snow. We couldn't find the mittens they just played with last night. I didn't think that would be a big deal but I was wrong. After hanging up the bird feeders and throwing a few extra handfuls of seed out around the yard, Piper and Riley decided to pick up snow with their bare hands. They both started screaming and crying. They were yelling, "Cold! Momma - cold!" And that was the end of playing in the snow. It took 15 minutes to bundle them all up and ninety seconds for them to decide they didn't like being cold and wet. Oh well. At least the birds have something to eat.


  1. adorable & easy! I think we'll do this at home tomorrow. With all the snow we're getting, the little birdies might be hard pressed to find food. Thanks for the post. Love to you, your little chicks and your man! Marlo