Monday, January 24, 2011

Bows I Whipped Up This Weekend and Tutorial

Moms have asked me how I keep all three of my little girls so adorably dressed. My secret is simple. I don't think you have to spend a lot of money on a toddler's outfit, but if you add a great hair bow and throw on cute shoes, people notice. Magically, large boutique bows attract attention away from the oatmeal and yogurt smeared on my girls' shirts. Couple the bow with a great pair of shoes and people think we always have our act together.

Because I am a DIY kind of girl, I make most of my girls' hair bows. Here are a few I whipped up this weekend.

I made two of the smaller size to use on pigtails.

I also made this little cutie pie.

My friend Amanda has her own hair bow business called Wisp Clips. I totally stole this bow idea from her. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. If you don't have the time or desire to make your own hair bows, visit Wisp Clips. Amanda makes adorable bows and each item is $1 off through January 31st. I am not being compensated for telling you about Amanda's Wisp Clip business. I just like Amanda and think she makes really cute bows.

Here Piper is wearing the zebra print bow I made and I don't even notice the French toast and yogurt on her shirt. Distract-a-bow to the rescue once again! Maybe I should start my own hair bow business and call it "Distract-A-Bow-Boutique" ha! Yeah, I'll do that in my free time ha ha.

I learned how to make my own twisted boutique bows by watching this YouTube video. The "twisted" bows pop up taller and fuller rather than lying flat. This YouTube author uses a plastic card template, but I don't. Also, I use alligator clips and she uses French clips. Just use whatever you prefer.

Now if I could just find a glue gun that didn't burn my fingers... : )


  1. Loved reading through some of your posts! We are a lot alike! I love your idea of hair bows distracting from the dirty shirts! LOL I have 2 older boys, yet it's my daughter that always looks "messy!"

    I am planning a whole week on hair bows and I'd like to include your post and video tutorial.

    Thanks for stopping by Thrifty Decorating! :)

  2. Okay....2 months later... :) I posted your ideas and tutorial today!! :)