Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Zoo Outing Means 100% Chance of Rain

Pulling into the zoo's parking lot this morning we noticed how overcast the sky had become. But, as many of you know, when you've already gone through the effort to get your children ready, pack a diaper bag, grab snacks and drinks as well as the sunscreen (just in case), a few gray clouds would not deter us.

The flowers were beautiful. Most of the animals were out and about and the girls had a wonderful time.

Piper and Riley are almost eighteen months old. They were mobile enough to fully participate in today's activities. It was a delight to see them actually notice the various animals and squeal in delight while waving a joyful hello. We've been waiting for days like this - all three girls old enough to enjoy outings together instead of the twins just riding around in their stroller. We've reached a new stage in our family and I love it!

We rode the train and Sophie found her first carousel ride enchanting. Although it did downpour while we were inside one exhibit, the rain didn't hamper our excursion one bit. I'm glad we took advantage of Judd's day off from work. We had a great day today.

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