Thursday, June 17, 2010

Clean Up on Aisle Four, Please

I guess it's that time again, when I'm forced to repeatedly endure tedious and messy learning experiences so my kids can advance in their developmental skills -- like feeding themselves independently with spoons. My primary motivation for putting myself through this torture is that I don't want to attend Kindergarten myself in a few years. I'm sure feeding oneself is a fundamental skill all most kindergartners have and I don't want to show up every day to feed my twins. So, bring on the spoons, the mess, and the independence.

Piper and Riley fed themselves chocolate pudding today. It was the first time I left them alone with their spoons. Normally, I guide them as they eat, but not this time. Piper relished her new found freedom and screamed like a wild animal when I did, at last, try to pry to chocolate coated slippery spoon from her slick stubborn fingers.

I know this training season will pass and soon they will be able to feed themselves without needing a clean up crew and drop cloth. It reminded me of when I first started feeding them baby food about a year ago. A time when their little mouths couldn't quite figure out what to do with food and ended up spitting out more than they swallowed.

I took all three girls, by myself, to Walmart this morning. A lady reminded me to enjoy every minute of my time with them while they're young because they grow up so fast. She's right. I'll choose to enjoy this stage too. Besides, I own a Shark Steam Pocket Mop, paper towels, and wet-wipes. I think the girls will need an early bath though.

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