Wednesday, January 2, 2013

DIY Memo Board (No Cork Required)

I'd like to show you how I changed old wall art into a memo board (bulletin board). No cork boards were harmed in this project.

Once upon a time there was a large cafe/bistro framed picture. And as much as we loved it when we purchased it ten years ago, alas, like all fads, the bistro style for interior design had long since faded.

I decided to reuse the frame to create a bulletin board (memo board). I did not want to use a cork board in this project for two reasons. #1 most cork boards are expensive. #2 most (not all) cork purchased by the roll or square for DIY projects is so thin that once installed, it hardly holds a push pin.

I decided to go to the fabric store, 50% off coupon in hand, and buy one yard of 1/2 inch green foam. This is the kind of foam that is on a roll and is purchased by the yard, not the prepackaged foam which often is more expensive.

From the bistro picture I removed the glass and art but kept the cardboard backing and frame. I traced around the cardboard piece onto the larger green foam and cut out a piece of foam the same size as the cardboard.

Next, I simply wrapped leftover scrap fabric around the foam and used packing tape to secure it onto the back of the cardboard. I had a fabric layer on the front, foam layer in the middle, and cardboard layer in the back.

Finally, I placed placed it back in the frame and folded the little frame staples back down to keep the memory board in place. Viola! Total Price: $5.50 for the foam.

Oh, and push pins remain in this board because the foam is 1/2 inch thick.

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