Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lululemon Exercise Pants $3.99 -- Say What!?!


I spent an hour last night and another hour today bidding on various exercise clothes on ebay. I go to boot camp three days a week and try to run one or two days a week so I need lots of exercise clothes. Unfortunately, I kept getting outbid on things at the last second. But that's okay with me because...

My weekly trip to the thrift store today turned up this pair of NEW Lululemon belted exercise pants --for $3.99! I seriously just about freaked when I saw they were my size! Even if they weren't my size I would have bought them just to turn around and sell them for some serious cash on ebay. Okay, that's not true. I would have just kept them in my closet so I could see that I bought $145 exercise pants for $3.99. Since they do fit I'll be wearing these babies often. They are so comfy.

My New Lululemon Pants

These are brand spankin' new pants, People!

Another pair of these same exact pants are selling on Ebay today: Starting big $110 or Buy it Now $130 + $15 for shipping!

Someone else's Ebay posting and picture. Their picture quality is way better than mine. I'm over it.

 Often I find great deals on less expensive brands, like GAP. Last week I bought this GAP fully lined, side-zip, herringbone wool pleated skirt. Because it had the week's 50% off number on the tag, I only paid $1.98 for it. It's perfect for fall.

Snub your nose at me and my thrift stores if you want. I don't care. I'll be happy to keep dressing cute and saving thousands of dollars a year on my high quality thrift store finds. It's the only way (for now) I could afford to wear such lovely brands like Saks Fifth Avenue and Lululemon. I have many other things to do with the money I save.

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