Monday, January 23, 2012

Piper and Riley Turn Three

My twin girls, who were this tiny what seemed like just yesterday, celebrated their third birthday.

Piper and Riley awoke to find their bedroom filled with balloons.

Still in their pajamas, Judd and I took them to a local donut shop for breakfast. This is a rare treat. I think they've only been to the donut shop one or two other times. We save it for a tradition to do on birthdays. We learned a few things at the donut shop. Pink milk is pretty to look at, but does not taste good. Chocolate icing can get in your nose and ear. It is donut h-o-l-e, not donut w-h-o-l-e...please do not shove the whole donut hole in your tiny little mouth. And finally, cake donuts with icing and sprinkles are what the girls will order, but plain old glazed donuts or donut holes are what they will actually eat.

The girls opened their presents, dressed as princesses, of course.

Later, we went bowling and ate dinner at Fudruckers because that's their favorite cheeseburger dive. Then, we came home to enjoy homemade strawberry cupcakes with pink icing.

Piper loves shoes, especially if they are sparkly, high heeled, or far too big for her to safely wear without tripping. Piper likes structure and order and dislikes change. She has an iron will and I'm pretty sure her heels are made of steel as she is very good at digging them in when she disagrees...which is often. Piper also loves to cuddle and have books read to her. She is a beautiful person.

Riley loves everything pink. She fully embraces life. She sings at the top of her lungs, loves to twirl and dance, could play outside 24 hours a day, and has such a tender, sweet heart toward others. She is a performer and comedian. She keeps us laughing every day with her silliness. Riley is a beautiful person.

Happy third birthday, Piper and Riley! We love you so very much!

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