Thursday, January 28, 2010

Interrupted by the 'C' Word

Judd and I were crazy in love college students who had dated for two years when he was diagnosed with cancer. It was stage four Hodgkin's non-lymphoma. How could such a seemingly healthy, full of life, energetic, optimistic, almost twenty year old have the 'C' word? Was he going to die? Would he be able to continue college? Would we ever get married?

Judd lived! He continued going to school. He maintained a 4.0 average, kept his academic scholarship, and held a part-time job all while receiving a year of chemotherapy.

Fertility issues are known side-effects of chemotherapy. Prior to beginning his treatments, Judd was advised by his doctor to freeze his … ahem…um…uh…"genetic contribution"…ahem, just in case the chemo did affect his fertility. Not quite twenty, not even married yet, we were told we may have fertility issues in the future.

Judd took the doctor's advice and froze his specimen even though we never thought for a moment his fertility would be affected by the chemo. All we cared about at that time was Judd living. And he did. God's grace and healing power was coupled with wisdom, the help of doctors, and medicine. Judd recovered. He was, is, and always will remain cancer free. We overcame interruption #1.

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