Friday, November 18, 2011

Pumpkin, Moss, and Burlap Wreath

Weeks ago I fell in love with this wreath I found on Pinterest

Coupon in hand, my 3 little chicks and I headed to our local Hobby Lobby to buy our supplies.

1 large bag Spanish Moss - $3 (it was 50% off $6)
5 mini pumpkins - $3 total (they were 80% off)
Wooden floral picks - $1.80 (were $3 but I use my 40% off coupon)
18"  of 45" wide burlap ($2)
Wreath - free (left over from a previous project)
Hot glue gun and several glue sticks (already owned)

Total: $10

Sophie helped me make our wreath while the twins napped. I worked in small sections applying lots of hot glue. Sophie laid the moss on top of the glue and I smashed it down (burning my fingers countless times). After we covered all but the very back of the wreath with moss, it was time to add the pumpkins. I hot glued a wooden floral pick to the bottom of each mini pumpkin. Then, I simply jabbed the pumpkin pick into the wreath creating a cluster with the pumpkins rather than spreading them apart.

I'm not thrilled with my burlap bow. There's probably a better way to make it. I cut a 6" by 20" section of burlap, made a large loop around the top of the wreath and hot glued the two overlapping burlap ends together. Then I took a 6" by 45" section of burlap to create the bow part. I attached the bow to the loop with a little floral wire. My burlap is fraying, so there must be some secret to keeping it intact. I kind of like the fraying though since this is sort of a rustic wreath.

I'm sorry about the poor picture quality. In reality, my wreath does look quite similar to the original. My moss looks Christmas tree green in the picture, but it's not. The pumpkins on my wreath were the "sugared" kind which look goofy in this picture. With so many beautiful finds on Pinterest, I'm glad I finally got around to actually making something I pinned and loved.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Great job! I have gotten several ideas from Pinterest... a couple recipes and several things for my classroom. Pinterest is a real inspiration!