Friday, February 4, 2011

More Snow Day or Any Day Preschool Activities

A few days ago the Tulsa area received a record-breaking 20 inches of snow. Just when we thought things were starting to get better, we looked outside this morning to find this...

Four to six more inches of snow falling today.

Snowbound, we've done plenty of this:

And lots of this:

Yes, I'm aware it is February and Riley is still wearing a Christmas-themed shirt and only has on one sock. I'm okay with it.

One of Sophie's favorite snacks is apple slices (no peel, of course) and peanut butter in the shape of a flower (because she's "a princess and that's how they like to eat it.")

This week I introduced the idea of counting the apple seeds and making a chart with the number of seeds in each apple.

I'm not sure she understands the chart concept yet, but it's a fun activity and a great way to introduce the idea to her using the apple seeds she's already seeing during her daily snack.

Although I made this preschool activity up off the top of my head, I did want to share two preschool resources I found and really like from my local library. They are two books from the Williamson Little Hands series. Science Play: Beginning Discoveries for 2 to 6 Year Olds and Wow! I'm Reading!: Fun Activities to Make Reading Happen. I am using so many great ideas from these books I'll probably just end up buying my own copies.

Do you have any snow day activities you'd like to share?


  1. We're doing seeds this week as we read The Carrot Seed. Love the idea of charting the apple seeds...thanks!